Mizu Blue #1

Mizu Blue #1

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Mizu Color, translating to "water" in Japanese, has emerged in recent decades as a unique shade in the Japanese lexicon. Mizu describes a "light blue" color, unique to Japanese culture. Inspired by the tranquil and mesmerizing light refraction created by water, our Mizu collection has many abstract shapes, similar to the shapes made by light refraction on water. We hope you like our quirky and funky pieces. 


- Different screen and monitor settings may cause the actual product color to vary from the color shown on the screen.

- Resin pieces may have minor imperfections to them as it is uniquely handmade.

- Hooks are made of 18k gold plated, but the material of the metal pieces differ across pieces

- Registered Mail will only be done on 1st June 2020, as many post office are closed currently. Normal Mail remains unaffected.