FOTS is created by women, for women. We love storytelling and finding what empowers other women. Today we meet, Estelle (@Estlxsj), a year 3 Communications and New Media Student at NUS. 

Estelle, a girl who's passionate about the world with a heart of gold. 

Hi Estelle! Can you tell us a little bit more about why you chose your major in NUS?

Hi Beverly, that's a funny story actually! I actually wanted to take Literature out of interest but decided communication and new media was a lot more feasible for the things I wanted to do in the future! I’m also taking Sociology as a minor, which I kinda just fell into but it’s super interesting & i love it.

Estelle pairs our custom pastel floral earrings with a vintage summery yellow dress and mustard shades.

Which celebrities/ influencers would you define as your style icon?

Honestly I like to wear whatever I want / know suits me, so my style is pretty simple. But my favorite fashion influencers are Andrea Chong, Rebecca Ten and Ashley (@best.dressed).

Estelle pairs Madeleine with a mustard bandeau top and white, high waist trousers. We love how the pastel colors of the accessories seamlessly complement the outfit. 

Thanks girl, now if there was a fire in your house, and you could only grab 1 piece of clothing, what would it be and why? 

Wow um this one is tough but i guess if i had to grab one piece of clothing to save in a fire it’d be the dress I wore for pageant because that is probably the most expensive piece of clothing I own & if i sell it off after losing my house to a fire at least i can have more cash to survive!!! :’)


Estelle pairs our metal jangles with a white abstract print dress and bohemian slip on's.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you?

I used to learn Japanese outside but I struggled with balancing that and my studies previously so I quit a few years but I still can recognize basic words (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

Estelle pairs Madeleine in cherry red with a white tube top and our Queen Anne's Lace necklace.

I have also really grown to love flowers a lot - super basic I know but yeah my favorite ones’ are white lilies, roses & sunflowers!!!

Well thank you for taking the time to have this interview with us. One last question - what is one quote that you resonate with at this point of your life and why?

"Live, and let live"

has always resonated with me since I was 16 as a way to live life without being held back by the opinions of others. But more specific to my life as of now where everyone’s deciding & pursuing what they want to do, would be this quote I came across a while back:

“Change is supremely inconvenient, uncomfortable and naturally scary. Yet we only move through life through the process of change, reinvention and renewal, and so bravery is our quintessential rebel for pushing us past our own limiting beliefs and behaviors. Bravery is feeling the fear, immersing yourself into it and through it so you can come out the other side.” — Christine Evangelou


We like to extend our gratitude to Estelle for allowing us the chance to interview her. We would also like to thank Ryan Teo (@Ryanteoyk) for the photographs.